Measuring Instruments.


Hardness Testers

BAXLO durometes allows precise measurement of a wide range of materials, from soft rubber and foam up to very hard plastics, according to international standards DIN 53505, EN ISO 868 and ASTM D-2240, among others.

In our catalog you will find the widest range of Shore...

Thickness Gauges

Since the first appearance of the early dial gauges manufactured by Baxlo in 1950 until the present day, our range of micrometers has not stopped growing.

We manufacture both analog and digital micrometers. The range of formats and applications is enormous, as you will see...

Dial indicators

Dial gauge indicators are instruments widely used in all fields of industry, and science. They are used to measure very small distances accurately.

The dial indicator is a very versatile instrument, indispensable in any workshop, laboratory, maintenance shop or production...

Haugh Testers

Our Haugh tester will allow you to quickly and accurately determine the quality of the coating of egg albumin. This micrometer allows you perform the Haugh test , which is the most internationally used for determining the freshness of the egg.

The results are expressed in...


A wide range of accessories for our instruments. Measuring stands, special feelers.

Data acquisition software, connection cables, etc.