Measuring Instruments.
Industrias plásticas

Baxlo instruments have many applications in the plastics manufacturing industry.

Instruments for the measurement in the Plastics Industry

Plastics Industry, gama de productos

Shore A Durometer

Baxlo durometers can determine the Shore A scale hardnes of a wide range of flexible materials, eg soft vulcanized rubber or any elastomeric material, natural rubber, neoprene, soft PVC resin, wax, felt, leather, etc. They are built according to DIN 53,505, UNE-EN ISO 868 and ASTM D-2240 standards.

Since the first appearance of the early dial gauges manufactured by Baxlo in 1950 until the present day, our range of micrometers has not stopped growing. We manufacture both analog and digital micrometers. The range of formats and applications is enormous, as you will see in our on-line catalog. Their industrial applications ranges from the manufacture of raw materials such as leather, paper, wood, metal, etc. to the most complex technical laboratory tests where a tool of high accuracy and reliability is required. All our thickness gauges and micrometers are manufactured with stainless materials extremely to whitstand the roughest working conditions. They are hard enough for everyday use at the workshop and for extensive use in the manufacturing line. They are also handy and lightweight and are designed for easy, fast and intuitive use. Digital versions of our instruments are manufactured with the most advanced electronic components, allowing a quick reading thanks to its large display. They are all provided with data opuput connection to fit modern process control techniques. Digital technology allows increasing the flexibily of our measuring instruments having always in mind the ease of use.