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Instruments for Hardness measurement

Shore scale is most often used worldwide to measure the hardness of soft and semi-hard materials such as rubber, elastomers, plastics, etc. Baxlo are specialist in manufacturing all scales of Shore durometers. Our instruments are manufactured in strict compliance with international standards DIN 53505, UNE-EN ISO 868 and ASTM D-2240. Our hardness testers are compact and handy instruments designed for an easy operation and a quick reading. Includes a verification gauge to check the adjustment of the instrument. Supplied in a stylish wooden box with the test gauge and operating instructions On request we can supply the instrument with maximum reading pointer. */
Baxlo firmness testers for fruits and vegetables allow non-destructive measurements of fruit pulp. The test is very reliable, performs easily and is suitable for the most types of fruits and vegetables such as oranges, peaches, cherries, tomatoes, apples, etc. */
There are several specific scales for measuring the hardness of soft rubber, foam, textile coils and a wide variety of different materials. Scales 0 and shore 00 meets the specifications of ASTM D2240 standard. Asker C and F scales meets the requirements of the SRIS-0101 and JIS K 7312 standards. On request we can supply the instrument with maximum reading pointer.
Our Shore durometer stands are specially designed to work with our complete range of durometers. They can be used too with any other shore durometer brand only making a very easy adaptation./p> The use of a specific durometer stand is recommended when you need maximum accuracy and repeatability in your hardness measurements. By using it you'll get the exact pressure on the specimen to be measured. It also ensures the perpendicularity between the workpiece and the base plate of the durometer. Its rugged construction ensures the greater accuracy and the most optimal conditions for testing in laboratories and production lines which require a comprehensive quality control. Models There are different models depending on the type of durometer to be mounted: 5000/A for Shore A, Shore B, Shore 0 and Fruit Firmness Testers. 5000/D for Shore C and Shore D durometers. 5000/00 for Shore 00 durometers. Each model is calibrated exactly to apply the appropriate force as specified in DIN 53.505,  UNE-EN ISO 868 y ASTM D-2240 standards.