Measuring Instruments.
There is an extensive range of special feelers, adaptable to any type of dial gauge or micrometer, capable of covering the widest range of applications. Also, if your needs are very specific, we make any kind of contact probe for you. In BAXLO PRECISION you will find a team of professionals always ready to advise you on the best solution to your measuring needs.
Mounts with magnetic base dial indicator. For fixing the dial to a metal surface and used in the most suitable position for testing in a variety of applications.
he connecting cables allow the connection between your BAXLO digital thickness gauge and a personal computer.
The maximum reading pointer for BAXLO durometers is specially designed to hold the maximum extent in the non-elastic materials measurements or on measurements of the hardness of the fruit as required. Supplied on request.

A wide range of accessories for our instruments. Measuring stands, special feelers.

Data acquisition software, connection cables, etc.

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