Measuring Instruments.

Pocket Thickness Gauges, product range


Reading: 0.1 mm.
Measuring range: 0-12 mm.
Depth of jaw: 15 mm.
Operation: by push button.
Contacts: Ø 8 mm.
Application: thickness measuring


Reading: 0.01 mm.
Measuring range: 0-10 mm.
Depth of jaw: 18 mm.
Operation: by lifting wheel
Contacts: 6,35 mm Ø flat
Application: thickness measuring

BAXLO Pocket thickness gauges are light, manageable and are distinguished by its ergonomic design and current.

Designed especially for measuring the thickness of a wide range of materials such as paper, cardboard, sheet metal, wood or plastic plates, leather, rubber, glass, gemstones and much more, as well as for rapid and reliable measure of a multitude of small parts in his usual place of work, doing the same function as any caliper.

There are two models of Baxlo Pocket Thickness Gauges to suit customer needs: one with a sensitivity of tenths of a millimeter and a more accurate with sensitivity of hundredths of a millimeter.

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