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Thickness gauge for eggshell, product range


Analog Micrometer specially designed for measuring the thickness or thickness of the eggshell.
Sensitivity: 0.01 mm.
Measuring Range: 0-10 mm.
Depth of jaw: 35 mm.
Operation: by lifting lever.
Contacts: special measuring curved surfaces.
Application: Measuring the eggshell thickness.


Digital micrometer especially designed for measuring the thickness of the egg shell.
Sensitivity: 0.01 mm. / 0.0005 "
Capacity: 0-10 mm. / 0.5 "
Neck: 35 mm.
Operation: Lever
Contacts: Special for curved surfaces
Application: Eggshell thickness measuring

Measuring the thickness of the eggshell is a really important thing regarding to egg quality.

The thin shell eggs are very porous and subject to intense evaporation. Lose weight faster, and therefore quality is lower than those with a thick and slightly porous shell. This character determines Egg resistance to breakage. Egg shell becomes ​​more fragile after certain storage and preservation processes.

The 3001 and 3001DIG Baxlo micrometers are specially designed for measuring curved surfaces as eggshell and allow to make the measure quickly and reliably, without prior preparation. You simply must place a piece of the shell to be measured between the probes and make direct reading on the dial.

Measurement is recommended in two or three different points of the egg and take the average of the readings as a proxy.

in general the average thickness of the egg shell must be of 0.35 mm.

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