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Plastic Film Thickness Gauge, product range


Reading: 0.001 mm.
Measuring Range: 0-1 mm.
Depth of jaw: 35 mm.
Operation: by lifting lever
Feelers: special for plastic film measuring
Application: thickness measuring of plastic film, polyetylene bags, etc.


Resolution: 0.001 mm./0,00005"
Measuring Range: 0-12,5 mm./0.5"
Depth of jaw: 35 mm.
Operation: by lifting lever
Feelers: 8 mm.
Application: Plastic film measurement, plastic bags, plastic wrappers, polyethylene film, etc

Baxlo film thickness gauges are especially designed for measuring the thickness of sheets of plastic film, plastic bags, paper, cardboard, foil, etc. According to UNE-ISO 4593. They have a resolution of thousandths of a millimeter and a maximum of 1 mm.

It is an indispensable tool for manufacturers of plastic bags, polyethylene and polypropylene bags, protective film and general plastic film for measuring the gauge or thickness of the film.

It has an accuracy of  thousandths of a millimeter or microns (1 micron = 0.001 mm)

Conversion between gauges and microns is made ​​using the following formula:
1 micron = 0.001 mm = 4 gauges

The maximum measurement range is 1 mm with a maximum reading error of only 3 microns, or 12 gauges.

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