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Dial Digital Top Precision Series Dial Gauges 0,001 mm.

Dial Digital Top Precision Series Dial Gauges 0,001 mm., product range


Resolution: 0.001 mm. /0.00005”
Measuring Range: 0-12.5 mm. (0.5”)
Span of error: 0.0005 mm. (0.0002”)
Measuring force: 0,7 - 0,95 N
Measuring System: SYLVAC system (patented)
Display: Digital LCD. Sign (-), 6 digits, height of digits 8.5 mm. Display of unit and operating mode.
Rotating Dial (270º).
Max. probe travel speed: 1.5m/sec.
Battery: 1 lithium battery 3 V, typ CR 2032, 190mAh
Battery life: 1 year or > 3000 hours with normal use
Temperatura de trabajo: +5ºC ...+40ºC.
Protection: IP 51 (according to IEC 529)
Data Output: RS232 compatible format.
Interface: RS232 interface cable, with optical coupling.
Weight: 130 g
Functions: change units mm/INCH, change zero point for any probe position, enter a reference value other than 0 .000 mm (preset), change of counting direction, posibility of measuring with two different references, store measurement (hold), change of resolution (0.001-0.01 mm.).

Our Baxlo Digital Top Precision Series gauges constitute the highest grade in terms of quality, precision and performance available today in the market. With multiple functions that allow a large range of applications in workshops, control rooms, production lines, machine adjusting, etc. that requires the highest precision and reliability.

  • Electronic dial gauges with millesimal reading (0,001mm.). The digital display with its large numerals makes it very simple to use this dial gauge. Function and display section can be rotated through 270º.
  • Following functions can be used: zero setting, mm/inch selection, memory set HOLD, data transmision, Ref I / Ref II, preset value recall, selection of measuring direction, selection of reading (0.01 - 0.001 mm), data request by any ASCII code.
  • nterchangeable feelers with normalized M 2.5 thread.
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